About the Project


The City of Victoria is developing a Small Area Plan to guide future development of the City’s only potential large commercial and office area. The study area is approximately 300 acres and is located in the southeast corner of the Laketown Township, which the City has an orderly annexation agreement in place. This area, located at County Roads 10 and 11 south of the TCWR railroad tracks, is guided by the City of Victoria 2040 Comprehensive Plan as Commercial and Flex-Employment land uses. These potentially include office/business park or related uses, retail (goods and services) and some development of medium or high-density residential uses.

The City has hired a consulting firm, Landform, to work with the community to prepare the Small Area Plan. Victoria Worx will solicit input from a project Steering Committee, the development community, City staff and officials, and City residents/business owners to develop the vision for this area.

Check back here for information and opportunities to provide input.

Project Goals

1. Development that is balanced over time and considers land uses both on-site and within the City of Victoria as a whole.

2. Development that is grounded in market realities and flexible enough to withstand change. 

3. Transportation and utility infrastructure improvements that are coordinated with phased land use and development. 

4. Development that results in job creation and land uses that diversify and increase the tax base for the City.

5. The inclusion of residential development that compliments employment-based uses and improves the availability of affordable housing. 

6. Natural features and open space corridors are integrated with development and connect to the City and region. 

Project Partners


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